Scope of items to be covered under “Hardware goods”

One of the items specified under notification no. 25 dt. 31-03-2006 for downloading Form-49 is “Hardware Goods”. The term hardware can cover variety of goods. Due to this, registered dealers sometimes fall in dilemma that whether or not there product will be covered under Hardware Goods.

In such situation, decision of Allahabad High Court in case of Aftab Husain Imdad Husain can provide little guidance. [(1970) 25 STC 471 (All.)]

On going through the said decision, it is clear that¬†every article that is made of iron or other base metal cannot be regarded as an article¬†of hardware. The Honourable High Court has, after considering literature in some of the then popular trade journals and catalogues of hardware items, like “British Empire Trade Index” and the “Bombay Market” has clarified that hardware items shall include the following:

  1. Mill-stores like small tools and spare parts of machinery.
  2. Small items of base metals, particularly- building materials like nuts, bolts, hinges, rivets, laches, curtain railings, window grills etc.

Relevant portion of the said decision is shared below for reference of our clients and professional colleagues.

Readers are requested to note that above decision does not give an exhaustive or complete list of all goods that are to be covered or not to be covered under hardware items but it may provide guidance in case of litigation or problems at check-post.



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