Procedure for online application of C-Form (Madhya Pradesh)

MP Commercial Tax Department has changed the procedure for obtaining C-Forms from the department. A detailed walkthrough of the process of applying and downloading C-Form from the website of the department is attached herewith.

click her to download C-Form User Manual


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    1. There is no prescribed format for cancelling the C forms. However in my opinion, you can submit a letter along with cancelled copy of c form to the commercial tax officer. Also record the cancellation along with reasons in the statutory form register maintained by you.

  1. If I have Mention wrong Tin No in C- Form , What are the rules to Rectify or Cancilation of C- Form and Re issueing Revised C- from

    1. Dear Sir,

      There are no prescribed rules in this respect. However, in our opinion, two things could be done in case.
      First you can cancel the incorrect Form-C and submit the cancelled form to the commercial tax officer of your circle stating the facts for cancellation and recording the same in the register maintained by you and apply for a fresh Form-C.
      Alternatively, you can manually correct the TIN by striking off the incorrect TIN and writing the correct one and attesting the correction. However, this may be unacceptable to the supplier/his counsel/assessing officer.

    1. Yes you can apply for more than one parties in single upload file. Simply fill the details of a single quarter in the upload file, validate and upload.

  2. Dear Sir,

    I have C-Form no. to given our parties. but they don’t have to acknowledgment of C-Form & we have to submitted that C-Form against my notice. so Please can you help me how can i download that C-Form which i have C-Form no.

    1. Sunilji we are unable to understand your query. Perhaps you can consider discussing the matter on telephone or by visiting our office personally.

  3. dear admin,
    I’m from mumbai & my client from ujjain.
    My client purchase engg. item from me around Rs.45Lacs.
    because of small dispute, they not given me c-form.
    But i have transport receipt & MP border permission form.
    So…what i do…plz reply

  4. If I have Mention wrong state by mistake in C- Form , What are the rules to Rectify or Cancilation of C- Form and Re issueing Revised C- from

    1. Dear Manoj ji,
      There is no procedure for rectification or revision of C-form. In practice, the erroneous Form-C(cancelled and signed) are submitted to the department along with a covering letter stating reasons for cancellation.

      Alternatively, as this is just a clerical mistake, you can correct the error by striking off the wrong state name and writing the correct state and attesting the change. However, this procedure may not be acceptable by the assessing authorities and hence, in my opinion should be avoided.

  5. Dear sir,

    I have submitted the application of form C for last quarter 2013-14, but 1 no. CST sales transaction have escaped by mistake, can I submitted the application again for a single form C for last quarter.

  6. Dear Sir
    I have purchased a machinery from ahemdabad .. now i want the entry of the said machinery in MAdhya pradesh For that i need Form 49 n Form C.. can u please guide me how can i get above mentioned forms

  7. Sir,
    can I download & issue form-c of the current quarter before filling the vat return of current quarter. or it is mandatory to file the return of the current quarter to obtain form-c.can I apply form-c offline.

  8. can we paste the details in the downloaded sheet or just we can make only manual entry for each invoice in the sheet? because after pasting the details like date , invoice no. item details and quantities, sheet is showing error in invoice date column. when corrected to DD-MM-YYYY, AGAIN IT IS SHOWING THE ERROR AND I AM UNABLE TO VALIDATE THE SHEET.

  9. sir i have purchased s s steel from a party in 13-14 f. year , now they want c,form but there is a problem . when i go for downloading C,form in site . there is coming A message” please download the latest template from portal ” but which template i have to download i am not getting please sir tell “which template i will have to download and where i will get that

    1. When you go to purchase upload, you’ll find a link to download the template. Alternatively provide us your mail id, we’ll send you the template

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  11. I have given a c form request on dt.03.02.15 still the c form is not generated. let me know the process of downloading the form c.

    1. Please go through file attached with above post. Also, make sure you donot have any outstanding demands before applying for Form C.

  12. I have received this message on dt.03.02.15 but i dont know from where i can donwload the form c.

    Your request is under process and status regarding your request would be sent to your ‘received message’ account in this portal within 2 working days. Your request acknowledge number is …………… and search code is …………………..

  13. Sir we are distributor of Solar Panel in M.P.
    We are facing lots of problem to generate “C” form & Road Permit for solar product.
    Please let us know the process for generating “C” form & Road Permit. We are purchasing material from Gujarat & Maharashtra.

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